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A Word From Our Member

Philasande Mjiyako - Omnitech Trading Enterprise

Information on taxation, legal and marketing... It's something that we would not be able to do on our own. Synergy has been a great help to us.

It becomes difficult to get information and market the business at the same time. So having people like Synergy, you know you can rely on them in terms of getting information on what's happeining around South Africa in respect of companies, what are your rights, what do you need to do, what's the next step... they are guiding us along.




Elias Anastasakos - Battery Max Group

I use the search all the time which saves me a lot of money considering that R250.00 I would spend easily purely on cell phone and Telkom calls throughout the month ... we’d spend at least, who knows like half the day trying to establish what we wanted. Now I pick up the phone. I’ve got the lady who knows me on the other end, Jackie; she knows my business, what I do. And so it saves a lot of time.

Within an hour or two I get a fax of a list of the things I was looking for and contact numbers. And so far all the quotes I’ve received from Synergy have been, not only competitive but better than anything I could come up with.

I called Jackie one day and told her I was looking for more customers, I want to increase my client base, at this stage Synergy and there service was still relatively new to me, so I just asked her to do a general customer search and she came back with about 10 or 12 options, and I‘d say of those 10 or 12 options that she got back to me with, I’m currently doing business with 50% of them. So 50% strike rate from one phone call is without a doubt a fantastic service.





Khulekani Nene - Omnitech Trading Enterprise

The newsletter is great. It gives you enthusiasm. It gives you courage. It tells you about things that you didn't understand. For me, there are quite a few things now that I understand. Especially in the corporate world... it's about how you play the game.